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Pemuda Pelapis
In Pergerakan Wanita Umno, this three names fuss and hot being focus by media and most blogger. There and here being gossip. Quite interesting crisis that happens in Umno latterly. All revolve of grabbing party top posts.

In our Umno all knows that it is not important either they can do the job or not. Whereby chances to win the post is depend if he or she could possess huge amount of money to buy any post easily (bribe). This is what we always call MALAYSIA BOLEH! As long as under Pak Lah and Pak Jib @ Pak Jebon.

Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz has been long lead in Pergerakan Wanita Umno. Indeed she had been defeated once previously by Dato' Seri Dr Siti Zaharah Sulaiman in the party election but manage to win back again in the following election. All members of Pergerakan Wanita Umno must be alert on what has happening. No denying about Rafidah's capability as a leader of Pergerakan Wanita Umno.

It's not that easy to lead the party. It needs a lot of commitments, strong mental and physical and brave. During her involvement in politic she has done an excellence job and being a good leader in Pergerakan Wanita Umno itself. To me, Rafidah is still the best candidate and she deserves the right to be remained as the head for Pergerakan Wanita Umno.

If Wanita Umno's members insist Shahrizat is greater than Rafidah, please openly declare what are the changes towards good and progress can be done by Shahrizat to the Pergerakan Wanita Umno? As what I know Shahrizat is similar to Pak Lah's son-in-law who loved to talk much but end-up with nothing.

Result in the past PRU12 showed clearly Shahrizat had been defeated by a young kid who is still new in politic for the parliamentary of Lembah Pantai. Do you think Shahrizat will be able to wrest back Lembah Pantai in upcoming PRU13 if Umno leadership were to maintain her at the same parliamentary seat?

Clearly seen Umno has been complicated from day to day. Seeing the weakness and the lack of ideas and level of thinking of Wanita Umno's members by not selecting the efficient and capable leader to lead, it will only invite to the paralysed of future Umno. I'm just wondering why Umno members can't be honest to themselves.

I have read about Dato' Azalina Othman Said in several blogs regarding her ambition to holding the post of Naib Ketua Wanita Umno. The title "Rafidah not sure about Azalina's Wanita status" impressed me a lot. It is published by The Star. I chuckle and grin with the statement when Rafidah dispute status of Azalina's membership in Pergerakan Wanita Umno. Click here for reference...

Previously I even labelled Azalina as a "tomboy" due to her personality, her ethics in working, her sarcastic comments against others and her "busy body" attitude towards many issues before. She acted as though she's too good compared to others. Seems this fellow is looking for cheap publicity.

Her politic's knowledge is not that high level, that's why she acted this way as a way to push herself with easily gaining public attention to be famous. Her attitude no difference like most opposition members of parliament in Dewan Rakyat who is trying to show off their greatness in debates. As we always seen on TV, by attacking others and jabber is actually to attract the TV camera lenses as evidence to the voters in their own parliamentary seat ostensibly "I'm a great member of parliament who fights for the people".

My personal advise to Azalina, kindly make a change to your personality and be more feminine so no teasing on you any more. Please understand that Pergerakan Wanita Umno is just for lady members only. Yet Umno hasn't set up any "Pergerakan Tomboy Umno" neither "Pergerakan Pengkid Umno" as additional wing for the party. However it is not impossible one day it will be considered too by Umno under a leadership of Pak Jebon because nowadays we also had huge numbers of tomboys and gays group in Malaysia. If Putera Umno and Puteri Umno could be formed, may be Pengkid Umno and Gay Umno will also be followed-up soon in effort for Umno to tackle a new additional group of supporters and voters for the preparation of upcoming general election. Nothing impossible in Umno's today. Again to say that MALAYSIA is always BOLEH!

Congratulations and bravo to Umno as a versatile party.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I'm so sorry if this may seem out of topic but can you please have someone check your grammar before publishing the article in english... Its nothing to put you down but just to help you in the way you present your writting, so that you look more "convincing". thanks..

  2. You're welcome and thanks for your kind advise. Doesn't matter I will always accept any good advise at any time. Nothing to feel down but I do appreciate it very much.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Salam PP,
    Ok good saudara dah betulkan. Saya fikir mungkin saudara test guna translator software. Yg byk saya nampak cuma Indonesia-English. Boleh guna tp dia direct translate so kita nak kena recheck grammar manually. Jgn pakai bulat2 lebih baik saudara taip sendiri mcm artikel English yg pernah saudara siarkan sebelumnya. Silap sikit2 broken grammar takde hal bkn bahasa ibunda kita pun cuma perlu jugak artikel English sbb pengunjung blog PP mungkin dah ramai drp pelbagai golongan pembaca. Apa pun tahniah teruskan penulisan anda.

  4. Salam kembali saudara Ismail,

    Ya sedikit cuai tentang perkara ini. Lagi pun Bahasa Inggeris bukan bahasa kegunaan harian selain hanya digunakan dalam urusan surat-menyurat rasmi sahaja apabila perlu menggunakannya. Bila bertutur pun hanya dengan rakan-rakan bukan Melayu yang kurang fasih berbahasa Melayu sahaja.

    Kesilapan grammar atau tatabahasa ni bukan sahaja pada Bahasa Inggeris tetapi kadangkala bahasa ibunda Bahasa Malaysia pun boleh tersilap dan tidak tersusun baik. Adatlah kita sebagai manusia yang tidak lekang daripada kesilapan dan kelemahan.

    Harap maaf jika terdapat sedikit-sebanyak ke"broken"an tatabahasa. He! He! He!