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Pemuda Pelapis
Yesterday (April 28, 2008) news on Buletin Utama TV3 and Utusan newspaper (click to read), Abdullah said, all Umno divisions shouldn't proceed to carry on their EGM meeting to discuss about transition plan of the top party leadership or party election in December but to focus their effort in resolving the nations' current issues on how to bring back their trust to Umno and BN.

Abdullah's statement seemed to be outrageous as he himself understood what's the actual main problem was. I'm so shameful to hear that and it's really made me lough out loud. All Umno divisions have their own rights to handle EGM meeting. As an Umno President and Prime Minister of Malaysia, he has no right to stop all divisions from having their EGM as we lived in democracy country and as a current leader, he should proof it that everybody have their own right to discuss about it.

Why this issue (EGM) is such a big deal to him?

On my point of view, Abdullah knows that people are talking and discussing all bad things about him but by stopping divisions not to proceed the EGM is just a stupid moron idea came-out from his mouth.

In other words might be he feels he's still being a respectful leader and wish his words to be listened by all Umno divisions and roots but in fact most of them disagreed with it. Indirectly he put himself very low... lower... and lowest...

Truthfully, if he still continue to overrule the party, it makes people to hate him more.

Here is a story by another blogger (click to read) that I'd like to share with you.


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