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Pemuda Pelapis
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Previously I've wrote the mystery of Abdullah's agenda which is related to this topic. It was "Agenda Pak Lah Penuh Misteri" (click to refer) and "Misteri Isu Penubuhan Suruhanjaya Pelantikan Kehakiman dan Terbaru Menjadikan BPR Sebagai Badan Bebas" (click to refer).

Now, the scanned article above were still the "Question Marks" issues which is not being answered by Abdullah yet. All Malaysians regardless BN or Pakatan Rakyat, are still waiting for him to bravely declared and confessed about it. After sworn-in as the fifth Prime Minister in 2003, he seemed to be a "Super Hero" in fighting of corruption and today will be his second phase where he's trying to restructure Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) into a full-fledged commission.

Is he trying to emphasize that he's a very truthful "Mr Clean" or bullshiting us by his hiding agenda? As we concerned Abdullah has made the country and the government like his "own family's constitution" and how far he could proof to the citizens that he's really a "Mr Clean" among all the leaders?

As for myself, frankly I'm so doubtful about his integrity in administering the country from the day first until now. Sometimes he's a damn good "pretender" and "actor" to make people labelled him as the "most stupid leader" but honestly he's "the laziest" and "the most selfish" leader who firstly think of himself and fully used of his brain for his family but not thinking or working for the citizens and the country sincerely.

Obviously we have been fooled enough by Abdullah but unlucky to see there are still dumb stupid Umno leaders supporting him. Either this leaders are "totally blind" or try to "play safe". My personal view, it's more likely to "play safe" but please beware, your future won't be that safe.

We simply can predict the reasons why Abdullah still takes time to prolong the "exit plan" or "transition plan". Not to say he's so stubborn but the actual is, he need enough time to assure all his family's project firmly secured before he step down.

So just wait and see, how smart is Abdullah to con all Malaysians.

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