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Pemuda Pelapis
My full support is always there for you! Never and will never forever for Abdullah Badawi!

Ex-PM, Tun Dr Mahathir
has just started his own blog on "Labour Day" yesterday with his first posting to ask our current PM, Dato' Seri Abdullah with the 9 questions of "The Appointment of Judges" to be answered.

As Abdullah ever mentioned previously
"Saya pantang dicabar"... Hopefully this challenge will also take into his consideration and he will answer appropriately.

Now would be the real challenge "Pak Lah vs Dr Mahathir" if Abdullah really meant what he said by "Saya pantang dicabar". Go ahead Pak Lah and don't just simply announced by that. Be a real gentleman! Now you're wanted to answer!

Malaysians are all waiting... even world too... Proof your "jantanese" (sorry bloggers, it's a new word for new world by me).

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