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Pemuda Pelapis
This is what I have commented at Malaysian Insider's portal under the topic of Anwar wants Wong to reconsider quit decision - click to read...

written by Pemuda Pelapis, February 18, 2009

To all Pakatan supporters,

It's really ridiculous to blame others as it doesn't solve the problem. Why should BN involved in the issue of immorality of PR's leader? Why must PR's supporters still blurr even after Eli said that it is done by her ex-boyfriend?

Eli has made up her mind to offer to quit from all her posts and she must be firmed with her decision due to her immorality in order not to jeopardize the party. If Pakatan really have their dignity then Anwar should openly accept Eli's decision.

What I observed Pakatan supporters are trying to deny of Eli's sex scandals by saying it's not like Chua Soi Lek's case but how come the nude pix can be taken by someone and distributed to others? Ayoyo! please understand the chronology before start commenting.

I have wrote about this and come over to read it and think!


For those who has read all the comments by Pakatan's supporters, we can simply judge them how stupid and idiot they are. I just laugh out loud when reading their comments.

Really pity them! They can't even use their brain to think wisely which is good and bad. They are fighting to support immorality.

Yeah! Bravo! Pakatan Kemut Raba (PKR).

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